October Terror

(Pictured above: Alicia Silverstone has a ‘Crush’  on Cary Elwes. Source: YouTube screenshot)

Shout Factory TV is beta-testing a free 24/7 channel with “October Terror,” a continual loop of 14 horror movies spanning the past 30 years. Stars include Melissa Leo, Virginia Madsen, Bruce Dern, James Spader, Alicia Silverstone and Traci Lords.

The 14 films, in order of airing, are: Deadtime Stories (1986, with Leo in an early role), Over Your Dead Body (2014), Bite (2015), Zombie High (1987, starring Madsen), Army of Frankensteins (2013), Toolbox Murders 2 (2013, starring Dern), The Binding (2016), Jack’s Back (1988, starring Spader), Cockneys vs. Zombies (2012), The Crush (1993, starring a pre-Clueless Silverstone), Zombie Fight Club (2014), Sharkansas Women’s Prison Massacre (2015, with Lords as a detective), The Editor (2014) and White of the Eye (1987).

To stream “October Terror,” visit Shout Factory TV Live.


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