Ovation’s ‘Journy’

(Pictured above: Jared Leto directs and appears in ‘Great Wide Open.’ Source: Jared Leto/Paradox LLC) 

Ovation, a cable network providing cultural programming, has launched Journy, an ad-supported streaming service focused on cultural tourism.

Available on Roku and the Xumo connected-TV platform, Journy offers such shows as:

Great Wide Open – Directed by actor and musician Jared Leto, “this documentary series celebrates America’s National Parks and the adventurers who explore them.”

Here’s episode one:

Droned – “A team of eccentric, adrenaline junkies … bring travel adventures to life using drone technology from their company Pigeon Vision.” In one episode, the intrepid travelers go to the Marieta Islands and shark infested waters of the Bahamas:

The Wanderers – This series profiles “six of Australia’s most-exciting muralists,” visiting “inspiring locations” of their choice.  Each “use their art to learn more about the place and how each new environment influences their individual artistic style”:

Finding the Warrior Within – In this series, “Guillaume Sanchez, a passionate dancer … challenges himself to learn the indigenous dance of the Dayaks, the native people of Borneo.” Sanchez also seeks to discover the “many remarkable stories” of the Tutwuri Handayani dance group, as well as “meet with other local artists, including those who use Hip Hop as their great source of strength and inspiration”:

For more information, visit Journy.

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