‘Devil’s Night’

Devil’s Night, a flick about a teenager’s ill-advised attempt to make a film inside a dead serial killer’s house, is now available on iTunes for $14.99.

Adam Forrest plays Daniel, “a charismatic teen from a broken home,” who seeks to find a better life by making YouTube videos. When his videos are a bust, Daniel happens upon an old documentary about a serial killer “who brutally murdered seven people in a Satanic sacrifice not too far from his hometown.” In a bid for filmmaking glory, “he decides to film a video in the killer’s house, only to summon an evil worse than anything he could have possibly imagined…”

The cast also includes Elizabeth Peterson, Alex Ho, Kristina Cohen, Nolan Freeman, Shani Atias and Kevin Grossman.

Todd Bishop, who has served as a segment director for Jimmy Kimmel Live! and Ellen, directs from a script by Derek Rethwisch.

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