What Characters!

(Pictured above: William Fichtner and Richard Kind)

When we first learned that The Carney Awards would be televised this year, we were happy that someone still cared enough to honor the country’s best carnival barkers. Then we learned that The Carney Awards actually venerate great character actors. So we were even more pleased!

This year’s Carney Awards will be held Sunday, October 29, in Santa Monica, and shown over-the-air by Cozi TV on Saturday, December 2, at 9 pm ET. And we already know the five honorees:

William H. Macy, known for Showtime’s Shameless and a host of other movies and TV series:

Wendie Malick, veteran of a slew of sitcoms including Hot in Cleveland and Just Shoot Me!. Here she is, in the 1990-1996 HBO comedy Dream On:

William Fichtner, practically the definition of character actor, since you may not know the name but you’ll recognize the face:

Richard Kind, best known for his regular roles in the sitcoms Mad About You and Spin City, is currently in the Amazon Prime series Red Oaks, whose third season launches next Friday, October 20. Here’s a scene from Spin City (ABC, 1996-2002):

Xander Berkeley, known for 24, Nikita, The Walking Dead and much more:

Oh yes, about that name: The Carney Awards are named after the one and only Art Carney.

Best known for his comedic turn in The Honeymooners but also an Oscar-winning Best Actor for Harry and Tonto (1974), here he is playing President Franklin Delano Roosevelt in a 1960 TV drama The Right Man.

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