‘Paranormal Profilers’

(Pictured above: “Haunted” Buffalo Central Terminal. Source: YouTube screenshot)

Ghost hunting shows have become something of a cottage entertainment industry in recent years.

Ranker.com lists more than 60 paranormal programs featuring darkly lit video vérité, dramatic reenactments and “scientific” evidence such as EVPs (electronic voice phenomenon) designed to debunk or prove the presence of ghosts and other ethereal entities.

Not on Ranker’s list is The Paranormal Profilers, a Youtube series shot on a “shoestring budget.” It’s hosted and created by Peter Sacco, a psychology professor and former psychotherapist who lectures “at universities in both the US and Canada.” Sacco’s specialties include relationships, criminal psychology, addictions and mental health. He’s also a talk show guest and actor.

Like better-known shows such as Ghost Adventures and Ghost Hunters, The Paranormal Profilers’ “top-notch North American paranormal experts and investigators” visit historical sites. Now in its second season, Sacco and his team visit the Willowbank Mansion in Ontario, the Laura Secord School in Queenston, the Niagara Falls Armory, and the Buffalo Central Terminal.

You can watch the season two opener investigating the Buffalo Central Terminal here:

To watch more episodes for free, visit The Paranormal Profilers YouTube channel.

You can buy episodes of Ghost Adventures for $1.99 on Vudu or other sites; and Ghost Hunters for $1.99 from Google Play or other providers.

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