Too Much TV? Seriously

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A study by Wakefield Research, commissioned by LG Electronics USA, has found that a lot of people prioritize their TV viewing over personal commitments.

The study defines the ‘Serious Watcher’ as someone who watches 10 or more episodes a week and views content from multiple sources.  More notably, the Serious Watcher makes “no exception when it comes to prioritizing their favorite shows in both their personal and social life.”

Among the study’s findings (some of which we hope were answered tongue-in-cheek):

  • A large number of respondents (42%) said they know more about their favorite TV characters than about their own friends;
  • Nearly one in three Serious Watchers (31%) said “they would break up with a significant other if that person deliberately spoiled the ending or outcome of a favorite TV show”;
  • About 75% of respondents said they had skipped a social event to stay home and watch their favorite content;
  • More than one-fifth – 22% – of parents “have missed multiple events for their child due to TV show conflicts”;
  • About a quarter of Serious Watchers have called in sick to work to stay home and watch TV.

You can read more in this company news release.

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