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(Pictured above: Scene from ‘Double Exposure’)

Every day for the past seven years, curator Jimbo Berkey has featured one classic public domain movie on his site, Free Classic Movies.

Today’s film, for instance, is Double Exposure (1944), described as a romantic comedy crime adventure centering on fake news and a photographer named Pat who’s assumed to be a man but is, of course, a woman.

And how’s this for an opening title card? “New York City – Where half the girls are working girls – and the other half are working men.” Curious about the rest of the hour-long flick? Visit

You can also get a chronological list of every movie available on the site. We didn’t count how many there are, but can tell you that the list starts with Georges MélièsA Terrible Night, featuring a giant spider, from 1896; and runs through Sandy the Seal, a “British children’s crime adventure,” from December 1969.

Sure, you can find these public domain movies elsewhere, but that would negate the fun of checking in with Berkey every day. He even includes an informative write-up on each day’s movie, a photo gallery, and a teaser about tomorrow’s selection – in today’s case, an “airplane crime romantic comedy . . .”


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