‘Lost TV’ on Decades

(Pictured above: Decades’ promotional collage for ‘Lost TV.’ Can any readers identify all six former household names?)

Over-the-air channel Decades will run episodes from 47 “Lost TV” series during October, starting today with the Betty White sitcom Life With Elizabeth (syndicated, 1953-1955).

The rarities air weekdays from 2-4 pm ET, Tuesdays through Saturdays from 1-3 am, and weekends from 1 pm Saturdays to 7 am Mondays.

Five intriguing “Lost TV” shows follow. Peruse Decades’ “Lost TV” schedule to find your own favorite obscurities!

One Step Beyond (ABC, 1959-1961)

This supernatural-themed anthology series began half a season before The Twilight Zone. Decades will show One Step Beyond’s entire 22-episode first season this Saturday, October 7. Here’s an atypical documentary episode not airing on Decades: Series host/director John Newland travels to Oaxaca, Mexico, in search of “The Sacred Mushroom“:

You can stream many more One Step Beyond episodes on YouTube.

The George Burns Show (NBC, 1958-1959)

This single-season sequel to the oft-repeated George Burns & Gracie Allen Show features the former show’s cast but not George’s newly retired wife Gracie. Decades will air several episodes next Monday, October 9. Here is the show’s Christmas episode:

Decoy (syndicated, 1957-1958)

Two decades before Angie Dickinson became Police Woman, Beverly Garland starred as a New York City cop in Decoy, airing on Decades Thursday, October 12. Here, filmed on location in Coney Island, is the episode “First Arrest”:

Amazon Prime subscribers can binge all 39 episodes of Decoy.

Mack & Myer for Hire (syndicated, 1963-1964)

Cross Abbott & Costello with Laurel & Hardy, and you might end up with Mack & Myer. Decades will show this pre-digital short-form, slapstick-laden series on Sunday, October 22.

The Beulah Show (ABC, 1950-1952).

This was the first sitcom to star a black actress – three, if fact. Ethel Waters began the role, was then replaced by Oscar-winning Hattie McDaniel, and finally by Louise Beavers. Butterfly McQueen (who also supported McDaniel in Gone with the Wind) played a supporting role in the first season, and Casablanca pianist Dooley Wilson appeared in some episodes. Decades will air The Beulah Show on Tuesday, October 24. Here’s an episode starring McDaniel:

To find your local Decades station, visit the channel’s Where to Watch page.

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