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Indistry TV, a subscription streaming service offering “content shaped by its audience,” is inviting potential viewers to give it a try.

The streamer promises channels covering travel, food, fashion, art, sports, exclusive celebrity access, emerging musical artists and behind-the-scenes live-streamed events. But Indistry TV is calling on its intended millennial subscribers to help supply the programming.

“Whether you’re an up-and-coming musician interested in sharing your sound, or an independent filmmaker submitting a pilot episode or a documentary, Indistry TV is the platform for young creators to find their voice,” the company said.

Indistry TV “gives its members the ability to shape and curate content – making the viewer a part of the story,” said CEO Mary Landaverde, who co-founded the service with her twin sister, COO Erroll Angara.

Viewers can also shop, socialize and engage with the platform.

Indistry TV will showcase some of its “stars” at an official beta launch event October 21, to be hosted by Extra host Mario Lopez. The service will live-stream a special guest performance, along with event highlights.

Three different “membership” plans are offered: Standard at $7.99 a month; Premium at $9.99 a month; and VIP at $350 annually. To peruse its library, consumers are invited to sign-up for a 30-day free trial, but will have to hand over their credit card information.

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