Smartphones Control Us

(Pictured above: ‘It’s People Like Us.’ Source: Youtube Screenshot)

A new 22-minute documentary, It’s People Like Us, follows five young Australians who can’t look away from their smartphone screens, “sometimes at the expense of common sense and self-preservation.”

“With the average person checking their phone 150 times a day, and 2017 marking 10 years since the first iPhone, phone attachment has become engrained in our everyday lives,” said the film’s director Eva Orner. “We haven’t established boundaries on when and where it is okay to use our phones, resulting in a profound impact on our behavior, our relationships and our personal health and safety.”

The documentary’s goal, Orner added, is “to get each and every one of us to think about how we use our phones in everyday life, question how they have become an extension of ourselves, and inspire change and self-regulation.”

You can watch It’s People Like Us right here:

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