Entertale’s Africa Tale

We didn’t quite understand this weekend’s press release from Entertale, but it led us to a service providing easy access to 16 free, mostly English-language, channels, mostly from Africa , as well as dozens of rental movies.

After a quick free registration process at entertale.com, you’ll see a guide to the free channels: Al Jazeera, NTV Uganda, neur TV (entrepreneur/business news), Bloomberg, Business DayTV, Sky News, Africa24 Live, JoyNews Live, BeIn Sports News, Fashon TV, Nigeria’s Channels TV, Afro Music Channel, Egypt’s dmc, Afro Movie Max, Republic of the Congo’s africanews, and TVC Nigeria.

All of the above but dmc were broadcasting in English when we checked. A number of the channels are also available free on YouTube, but apparently not neur TV, Movie Max, Music Channel or Fashon TV.

Click on “movies” on the left side of the screen, and you’ll be taken to a list of dozens of titles in various genres. The titles we clicked – such as The Killer Robots, Omega1, Ready Willing and Able, and The Rule of Lead – ranged in price from $4 to $6.

Entertale’s Facebook page is currently promoting Double Crossed, a 2015 Mongolian action flick that premiered Saturday. It rents for $6, and we have no idea what, if anything, the movie has to do with Africa. But it’s a film with a twist, as the sole IMDb reviewer notes: “The twist is that this is a Mongolian movie and in fact the first Mongolian picture I’ve ever watched.” That seems like as good a reason as any to check out Double Crossed, so here’s Entertale’s promo:

Entertale is available now on the web, with Android and iOS apps expected to be introduced next month.

Meanwhile, The Africa Channel’s subscription streaming service geared to the African diaspora, Demand Africa, is scheduled to launch on Sunday, October 1.

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