‘Origin of Everything’

“History’s a weird place,’ says host Danielle Bainbridge during episode two of Origin of Everything, and we couldn’t think of a better way to describe this highly entertaining short-form series that recently premiered free on YouTube and Facebook.

Episode two, after all, concisely explains in just a few minutes how makeup, World War II and communism brought about the largely employer-based health care system in the US. Episode one, meanwhile, explores how clowns evolved from medieval court jesters to childrens’ entertainers, to the scary variety found in films like the current hit It.

Here are both episodes:

“Origin of Killer Clowns” from YouTube

“Origin of US Healthcare” from Facebook

The next episode of Origin of Everything, premiering Tuesday, September 19, will tell us “Why is 18 Considered an Adult?” Future episodes, premiering each Tuesday, will cover such topics as “The 3000 year history of the ‘#'” and “How Columbus Invented Cannibals.”

Origin of Everything comes from PBS Digital Studios. For more info on the show, and ongoing discussions of each topic, visit its YouTube or Facebook pages.

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