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Meet Marquee, an upcoming subscription streaming service for the performing arts. Promising dance, opera, theater, music, and documentaries from around the world, Marquee’s website and promo video (below) say it’s launching in summer 2017 – which, barring a delay, would mean during the next week or so.

If Marquee does launch before summer’s end, it will butt heads with competitor Cennarium’s free 10-day performing arts festival called Promenade, which starts this Friday.

What can you expect to see on Marquee? You can get an idea by checking out the service’s content on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter, and on a predecessor service called Tendu. Here, from Facebook, is an excerpt from Gene Kelly’s ballet “Pas de Dieux,” which will be on Marquee at launch:

In addition to the web, Marquee promises availability on iOS, Android, Chromecast, LG TVs, Xbox One, Samsung, Amazon, Playstation and Roku.

Visit for more info. Once there, you can also enter your email address for “early access,” and use promo code MRQEFB for a special rate. Regular rates were not provided.

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