‘1864,’ a Danish Epic

(Pictured above: Pilou Asbæk is ‘1864’)

When Americans think of 1864, the Civil War comes to mind. The Danish, however, might recall the Second Schleswig War, which featured the bloodiest military battle in Denmark’s long history.

The year has also spawned 1864, the most expensive TV series in Denmark’s history. The eight-hour historical epic comes to the US tomorrow, September 12, via subscription streaming service MHz Choice.

1864 features an all-star Danish cast, two of whom have recently appeared in hit HBO series: Pilou Asbæk (Euron Greyjoy in the past season of Game of Thrones, top) and Sidse Babett Knudsen (Theresa Cullen in Westworld, below). Writer/director Ole Bornedal may also be known to US audiences for his work on feature films The Possession (2012) and Nightwatch (1997). 

And don’t worry if you know little — or nothing — about the Second Schleswig War. 1864, says Bornedal, is “a classic story about power and the abuse of power and of people getting separated.”

The story also spans centuries: In 1864, two peasant brothers who love the same woman get caught up in the war; in 2014, a young woman who recently lost her brother in the war in Afghanistan goes to work as a personal assistant to an eccentric, 100-year-old baron who lives near where the two brothers grew up. The woman finds an ancient diary and the epic is on…

MHz Choice will premiere two one-hour episodes a week on Tuesdays, through October 3. The series ran in Denmark in 2014.

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The service costs $7.99 monthly after a 30-day free trial; you can currently get 50% off the first month by using the code “FALL17” at checkout. To subscribe, or for more info, visit www.mhzchoice.com.

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