Kids Pilot Season

(Pictured above: Elliott Smith in ‘A Kid Called Mayonnaise’)

Today Amazon is inviting everyone to participate in its fall pilot season for live action kids shows.

Anyone will be able to stream and help recommend the next Amazon series to receive orders for a full season of episodes. Those series will then be available to viewers with an Amazon Prime subscription.

Previous viewer feedback led to Amazon animated kids series such as Tumble Leaf, Niko and the Sword of Light, Just Add Magic and Lost in Oz.

The following pilots can be viewed using the Amazon Prime Video app for compatible TVs and other devices; and online at

Skyward – This “is a supernatural adventure comedy about three friends (Mia Sinclair Jenness, Caleel Harris, Griffin Kunitz) who host a secret underground podcast exploring UFO and alien sightings in their tiny town of Wildwood, Oregon”;

A Kid Called Mayonnaise – Mayo Davis (Elliott Smith) “is an introspective 11 year old who lives with his mom Muriel” (Beth Lacke) at a “slightly rundown” Los Angeles motel “filled with dreamers and misfits.” Together with his neighbor Candy (Brooke Markham), “Mayo sets off on an adventurous chase through his new neighborhood in search of a like-minded friend”;

Will vs. The Future – In this “comedic sci-fi action series,” middle-schooler Will Jin (Teo Briones) meets a time-traveling rebel warrior, Athena (Lexi Underwood), who shocks him “when she tells him that he grows up to destroy the world.” He “must take control of his future” to stop that from happening.

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