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Looking to watch an independent movie? Here’s The Savvy Screener’s Guide to Indie Film Streaming Services.

Let’s start with rivals Fandor and IndieFlix:

Fandor offers over 6,000 titles and IndieFlix over 8,000. Fandor’s been around for over five years and IndieFlix twice as long. Fandor costs $10 monthly or $90 annually, while the respective prices for IndieFlix are $4.99 and $39.99.

On the surface, at least, IndieFlix seems like the better deal. But the actual content is what matters, so we’d suggest browsing the libraries at and, and perhaps taking advantage of each service’s 14-day free trial.

Both Fandor and IndieFlix now face competition from more selective, heavily curated and “artsy” subscription services — with Lionsgate/Tribeca Film Festival’s Tribeca Shortlist and Turner Classic Movie/Criterion Collection’s FilmStruck having joined the more established Mubi.

Mubi, which has been serving films globally since 2007 and in the US for several years now, offers a new movie every day. Each film stays on the site for one month, so there are always exactly 30 movies in its library. Mubi costs $5.99 monthly after a seven-day free trial.

Tribeca Shortlist, which launched two years ago, costs $4.99 monthly after an unspecified free trial period. Filmstruck, which launched last fall, costs $6.99 monthly. You can also add The Criterion Channel, which provides access to the Criterion Collection’s entire streaming library, for a combo price of $10.99 monthly, or $99 annually. All Filmstruck plans have a 14-day free trial.

Other choices for independent movies include:, available for $5.99 monthly after a one-month free trial; and Flix Premiere, $4.99 monthly, $24.99 for six months, or $49.99 annually.

All of the aforementioned are just your ad-free pay streaming options. On the ad-supported free side, you can find a wide selection of indie movies on Snagfilms.

Have a favorite provider of streaming indie films that we’ve left out? Let readers know in the comments section below!

(Note: This article, an updated version of one published last fall, is part of our summer Throwback Thursday series.)

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