Power Rangers Parody

(Pictured above: Tim Jo as Leo the Red Patrolman in a special time travel PSA. Source: YouTube screenshot.)

Mystic Cosmic Patrol, a Super Sentai Tokusatsu parody aimed squarely at the funny bone of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers fans, will debut Thursday, August 24, on FunnyOrDie.com.

Produced by Loners & Rebels Motion Pictures, Mystic Cosmic Patrol promises “a special blend of comedy, martial arts and sci-fi adventure where spandex clad heroes fight ridiculous rubber monsters.”

The comedy stars Malcolm in the Middle’s Chris Masterson as Jack the Blue Patrolman, leading a team featuring Pitch’s Tim Jo as Leo the Red Patrolman, Unfabulous’ Chelsea Tavares as Emily the Green Patrolman, Chris Candy as Carl the Pink Patrolman, Laura Monaco as Candy the Yellow Patrolman, and Gavin Hignight as Micky the Black Patrolman. Their mission? Defend Earth against the Evil Overlordess Rutina.

The cast also includes Star Trek: Voyager’s Tim Russ and Tales from the Crypt’s John Kassir.

Hignight created and wrote the series, with Masterson and Monaco also serving as producers.

In anticipation of Mystic Cosmic Patrol’s premiere, the producers have released the following time travel PSA:

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