Seeka TV on Roku

(Pictured above: ‘Brobot Johnson’)

Seeka TV on Roku and you shall find.

The free streaming service that features independent web series can now be watched on Roku. Just download the app from Roku’s channel store.

Seeka TV’s lineup includes the comedy Darren Has a Breakdown (now in its second season), Number of Silence (a sci-fi mystery thriller, in German with English subtitles), and The New Adventures of Brobot Johnson (described as a “sci-fi hip hop web series that’s part silent film, part music video”).

You can watch Brobot Johnson’s Frankenstein creation moment in the series’ first episode, below:

Episodes for all the series tend to be short in duration – a few minutes to just under 20 minutes. The website also has a virtual “tip” jar for each series, which allows viewers to support the shows with donations.

If you don’t own a Roku, you can view Seeka TV programming at

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