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Monday will be a dark day for America, as a rare eclipse of the sun will affect the entire continental US, including a total blackout in a path stretching from Salem, OR, through Charleston, SC. The eclipse will begin at about noon ET and end some four hours later. If you’re not in the direct path, can’t get outside, or are uninclined to wear the special protective viewing glasses required to view an eclipse in person, streaming the event might well be a wise approach.

Here’s a summary of the event from San Francisco’s Exploratorium museum,  which will provide a live eclipse stream on Monday:

Other streaming options will include live feeds from NASA, Nova/PBS, The Weather Channel, and a webcam in Jackson Hole, WY.


NASA’s four-hour special Eclipse Across America: Through the Eyes of NASA will begin at noon ET with a preview show, followed by the main event at 1 pm.

The program will feature views from eight ground locations across the US, plus research aircraft, high-altitude balloons, satellites, specially-modified telescopes, and the International Space Station.

You can stream NASA’s coverage via its app (available for iOS, Android, Amazon Fire/Fire TV and Apple TV); on Facebook, Twitter/Periscope, Twitch, Ustream and YouTube; or right here:


Nova is teaming with the PBS NewsHour for live Facebook coverage hosted by PBS science correspondent Miles O’Brien, with commentary by experts including Space Science Institute astrophysicist Jason Kalirai.

A Nova special about the event, titled “Eclipse Over America,” will then air Monday night at 9 pm ET over PBS, and become available for streaming Tuesday morning via PBS station sites, and PBS apps.

The Weather Channel and the Jackson Hole webcam

You can also stream the eclipse live through The Weather Channel and via a webcam from Jackson Hole, WY, which is in the direct eclipse path.

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