‘Monday’ on Friday

(Pictured above: Noomi Rapace as Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday)

Noomi Rapace, the Swedish actress best known for being The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, Who Played with Fire and Kicked the Hornet’s Nest, pulls a Tatiana Maslany/Orphan Black by playing seven sisters in the new Netflix movie What Happened to Monday.

The plot? In a future society, each family can have only one child. But a set of septuplets manages to venture outside into the real world by each playing the role of one child – named Karen – on one day of the week. Being seven of them, their “real” names are, you guessed it…Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and so on. Then, one Monday, Monday goes missing.

We’re not sure if this then becomes a mystery story with the septuplets trying to find Monday, a survival story as government enforcers invade their home (as shown in the clip below), or a combo of the two. We do know that Glenn Close plays a government honcho, Willem Dafoe plays the septuplets’ grandfather, and Robert Wagner is also in the cast.

Like most Netflix content, What Happened to Monday premieres on a Friday, in this case tomorrow, August 18. To stream it, become a subscriber, or get more info, visit Netflix’s What Happened to Monday page.



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