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If you’re launching a pot TV service, you couldn’t ask for a better advocate than Tommy Chong, one-half of the infamous Cheech & Chong comedy duo and a leading cannabis crusader for decades.

So kudos to Cannabis Club TV, for which Chong is developing an Anthony Bourdain-type travel show. The official press release says the stoner will present “all kinds of cannabis flower and concentrates, from Humbolt to Amsterdam to Nepal to Kentucky.”

According to the announcement, Chong himself said, “I love to have a Cannabis Club TV channel playing while I’m carving and testing my handmade water pipes.”

So we headed over to to see what exactly Chong might be watching while toking. The service said it plans to launch 20 new channels, with shows ranging from sports to cooking in addition to travel. But right now we found ourselves faced with choosing from amongst 16 geographic regions currently allowing legal marijuana dispensaries (a 17th, Arizona, is coming soon). We selected Southern California, which in turn offered a choice of 18 channels. We then clicked on the OG Cali Buds channel from Los Angeles. There, we found a number of shows, including a Tommy Chong short-form series. Titled Chong vs. Wild, it’s also available on Cannibis Club TV’s YouTube channel,  and right here:

For vintage (Cheech &) Chong, we suggest the 1978 feature film, Up in Smoke. Here’s the original trailer:

Want to stream the whole movie? Shell out $2.99 at such transactional sites as YouTubeGoogle Play, Vudu, PlayStation and Microsoft. Or watch it with a Starz Now subscription.

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