Letterman Returns

David Letterman, who retired from The Late Show in 2015 after 33 years on late-night broadcast TV, will headline a series for Netflix in 2018.

Letterman will host six hour-long episodes featuring “in-depth conversations with extraordinary people, and in-the-field segments expressing his curiosity and humor.” For each show, Dave will conduct a long-form conversation with one guest, as well as “explore topics on his own, away from the studio.”

“Here’s what I have learned, if you retire to spend more time with your family, check with your family first,” Letterman said. “Thanks for watching, drive safely.”

This is not Letterman’s first foray into streaming — or first return from retirement. Just last month, Funny or Die released the web series, Boiling the Frog with Senator Al Franken, in which Letterman interviewed comedian-turned-politician in his Senate office about a topic that matters very much to them both –climate change.

Letterman hosted 6,028 episodes of NBC’s Late Night (1982-1993) and CBS’ The Late Show (1993-2015), making him the longest-running late-night broadcaster in American history. His final episode of The Late Show, which aired on May 20, 2015, drew 13.76 million viewers.

Letterman will receive the Mark Twain Prize in October.

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