Bye-Bye, Seeso

Seeso, NBCUniversal’s all-comedy subscription streaming service, is going away.

In a brief letter to its Facebook page followers, Seeso, which has charged subscribers $3.99 a month, said it “will be shutting its comedy doors” later this year.

Though an explanation was not provided, Deadline noted the news wasn’t exactly a surprise, given the streaming service’s recent layoffs and NBC’s decision to reassess Seeso’s future.

Viewers will be able to watch some Seeso series, including HarmonQuest, My Brother, My Brother and Me, Hidden America with Jonah Ray, and The Cyanide & Happiness Show, on VRV Select, a new channel from VRV. VRV Select will make those shows available for free, with ads. Viewers wanting to watch them ad-free can subscribe to the VRV combo pack for $9.99 a month. VRV is an aggregator of anime, animation, gaming, comedy, sci-fi, fantasy, horror, and tech streaming services, including the soon-to-be-former Seeso.

Seeso will announce where to watch other series in the coming months.

There’s…Johnny!, which Seeso previously announced, will not premiere this month as planned.

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