Jailbreak Thriller

(Pictured above: director/writer Sam Quah)

Netflix is producing an eight-episode Chinese-language series, Bardo, “a jailbreak thriller with a karmic dimension.” A release date was not announced.

Bardo presents “Ah Quan, a good man who,” nevertheless, has “descended into crime and now waits in prison for execution… Learning that his son is in danger, Ah Quan escapes to protect his family only to discover he is a pawn in a much larger game… Blending Taiwanese aboriginal mysticism and karmic destiny, Bardo – which describes state of existence between life and death – is Ah Quan’s search for redemption.”

Netflix is working on the project with IFA Media and writer/director Sam Quah. IFA Media has produced such Taiwanese series as The Teenage Psychic. Taiwan-based writer-director Quah’s short film The Free Man was short-listed for an Oscar in 2015.

Here is a scene from Quah’s The Free Man:

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