Comedy in the Drama

(Pictured above: ‘Going Dark.’ Source: YouTube screenshot)

Going Dark is a new web series that finds the comedy in the behind-the-scenes drama of putting on a live theater production, according to BroadwayWorld.

The eight-episode series, now available to stream on YouTube, “shows the chaos, stress, absurdity, and hubris of working in a position where one should be neither seen or heard in a world of ‘professional play pretend.’”

Completed in one weekend on a meager $500 budget, the cast includes carpenters, technicians and painters who also doubled as the series’ film crew.

Upright Citizens Brigade alum Jaime Mac wrote, directed and produced the entire first season. The cast includes Mac, Nicole Carrol, John Michael Jalonen, Shelby Smith, Johnny Santos, Jamie Watson, Jocelyn Brown and Paul Bourgeois.

You can catch episode one right here:

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