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Watch lifestyles for the rich and famous — online.

Luxury Trine Digital Media Group, a company that helps luxury brands market products to consumers, has launched the free Luxury Trine TV, offering fashion, beauty, auto and sports-related content.

Touting the benefits to brands of promoting content on an OTT (Over-The-Top) channel, Luxury Trine TV Founder Lynda Chervil said, “Savvy brands are … taking advantage of the enhanced targeting options, dynamic advertising opportunities, and advanced metric capabilities that OTT and Luxury Trine TV can provide.”

Viewers can watch Luxury Trine TV via services like Roku TV, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV and Android TV — as well as set-top boxes and smart TVs by using the channel code “luxurytrinetv.” Learn more about compatible devices at Luxury Trine TV.

The Luxury Trine Digital Media Group already offers four digital publications targeted at readers with upscale tastes: Luxury Trine Auto Review, Luxury Trine Home Review, Luxury Trine Travel Review and the Luxury Trine Newsletter . The publications are available via a free app.

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