Social Media Addict

(Pictured above: Jeff Cerulli in ‘The Feed.’ Source: YouTube screenshot)

Have you heard about Jeff? He’s got a social media problem.

Having enjoyed his 15 seconds of fame thanks to one of his Facebook updates, he has become “addicted to the likes and shares, letting his new found ‘influence’ go to his head.”

That’s the premise of The Feed, a new web series written, directed and edited by New York-based comedian and filmmaker Jeff Cerulli.  In The Feed, fictional Jeff starts treating “his newsfeed like a publication and turns his living room into a newsroom.” This includes hiring “an over-achieving intern (TJ Del Reno) and a disinterested field reporter with a famous war correspondent father (Cate Weinberg).

Jeff has identified his competitors as the major news outlets and the Facebook feed of Robbie Taylor, played by comedian Harry Terjanian.

The series debuts Tuesday, July 25, with new episodes posting weekly.

You can watch the pilot episode here:

Future episodes will be available at

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