A Tuff TV Primer

Viewers in Los Angeles and Dallas can now watch men’s-targeted Tuff TV over the air on channels 39.7 and 18.2 respectively.

The stations are owned by DTV America, which also airs Tuff in Atlanta (28.7), Cleveland (41.7), St. Louis (45.6), Sacramento (43.7), Charlotte (41.4), and other markets.

You can also watch Tuff TV nationwide online. Since the channel’s website, TuffTV.com, has been defaulting all week to the site of its parent company, Seals Entertainment, you can’t stream it there. But The Savvy Screener found Tuff TV live on FilmOn.

FilmOn also provides a weekly Tuff TV schedule, so we were able to learn more about the channel’s content, which is described as encompassing seven genres: sports, lifestyle, drama, reality, talk, specials and movies.

We learned that Monday night’s schedule featured motor sports, last night’s featured cooking and fishing shows, and tonight’s includes three mixed martial arts shows: Can You Fight?, Hip Show and UFA.

Tuff’s Facebook page and Twitter feed, meanwhile, have promoted two afternoon shows this week: American Builder, featuring “master contractor” Brian Gurry on Tuesday; and Cook Like a Champion, with the celebrity chef known as “Chef Champion,” on Monday.

Finally, Tuff’s press release announcing its new stations earlier this week named two original series — Auto Wars, about competing auto body shops, and Woodwalkers, about pole linemen. Here’s the first episode of Woodwalkers:

To watch Tuff TV over-the-air, visit RabbitEars for a list of stations. Or stream Tuff TV live at www.filmon.com/channel/tuff.

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