American ‘Eclipse’

On August 21, for the first time in nearly a century, the Earth, Moon and Sun will align, creating a total solar eclipse cutting a path across the entire continental US.

Today, CuriosityStream premieres Eclipse Across America, a four-part documentary series exploring the upcoming event.

“This eclipse will truly be an epic event that you definitely don’t want to miss,” said series director Mike Bender. “There will be countless filmmakers ready to capture footage of the event as it happens, but this series on CuriosityStream will set you up perfectly ahead of time, before the eclipse, so you don’t miss a chance to be part of this incredible opportunity.”

Each episode includes the perspectives of NASA scientists, astronomers, local historians and life-long eclipse chasers.

Part one follows the beginning of the eclipse’s anticipated path from the Oregon Coast to the Mississippi River. Part two continues to the Atlantic coast of South Carolina, where the eclipse’s path will leave the continental US. Part three looks at how and why eclipses occur, and part four follows “the incredible lengths scientists and others will go to record the event and the potential discoveries they hope to find on eclipse day.”

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You can watch all four episodes now – for free – on with a one-week trial.

CuriosityStream offers subscription plans starting at $2.99/month. The service can be accessed at and on RokuAmazon Fire TVApple TVAndroid and other devices.


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