100 Years of Bollywood

Zee Mundo, a Sling Latino channel offering Bollywood movies and series dubbed in Spanish, is celebrating 100 years of Bollywood, aka Hindi language cinema, with special programming every Friday, Saturday and Sunday in July. The tribute includes an “Experiencia Total” movie every Saturday, with behind-the-scenes footage.

Mumbai-based Bollywood, which is the largest – but not the only – film production center in India, entered its “Golden Age” in the 1940s with a flurry of critically acclaimed films. However, film production in India dates back to 1913, when the first silent film, Raja Harishchandra, was released. The first sound film, Alam Ara, was made in 1931, followed by the first color production, Kisan Kanya, in 1937. The Bollywood blockbuster, with its focus on romance, action and suspense, emerged in the late 1960s and early 1970s. Around 2000, Bollywood’s international reach expanded thanks to a growing Indian ex-pat population and the nation’s emerging economic clout.

Today, Bollywood, whose name is a nod to Hollywood, vastly outproduces its American counterpart. According to Forbes, Bollywood turned out 1,602 films in 2012, compared to 476 films in the US and 745 in China.

Zee Mundo is available to stream on Sling Latino, which Sling users can add to their subscriptions for $10.99 per month.

You can watch Raja Harishchandra, with English intertitles, here:

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