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Great Britain’s political crisis takes center stage in a new series of nine dramatic shorts seeking to explain the reasons for — and impact of — Brexit from the perspectives of those who voted for and against the referendum.

Called Brexit Shorts: Dramas from a Divided Nation, the series, developed by The Guardian, with Headlong productions, is written by some of Britains’ leading writers — David Hare, Abi Morgan, Maxine Peake and Meera Syal, among others. It also stars some of the country’s best-known actors including Kristin Scott Thomas, Penelope Wilton, Steffan Rhodri and Scott Reid.

The United Kingdom’s historic vote to leave the European Union took place June 23, 2016. One year later, using fictionalized dramatizations, characters representing disparate points-of-view deliver monologues reflecting on Brexit and its repercussions. The first film in the series, Time to Leave, stars Kristin Scott Thomas as Winchester resident Eleanor, “who despite not believing everything the Leave campaigners claimed, still voted for change. However a year on, with Brexit voted in, she feels no difference.”

You can watch Time to Leave here:

“The result of the Brexit vote was a seismic and historic moment for Britain, and the shockwaves are still being felt a year later,” said Katharine Viner, editor-in-chief, Guardian News & Media. “Brexit Shorts brings to life the questions that are being raised throughout the country – on both sides of the voting divide.”

“We were all struck by how polarised opinions were and particularly how the artistic community seemed so surprised by the result,” said Amy Hodge, associate director of Headlong. “It seemed to me that people in the UK, for a myriad of reasons, simply stopped listening to each other. … Hopefully these films … (will) create conversations across the country about how we see our nation today.”

To watch the other films in the series, visit The Guardian.

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