Who are the Streamers?

The data is in: Streaming television has come of age.

Netflix now has 50.85 million subscribers, surpassing the 48.61 million of major US cable companies, according to data from Leichtman Research.

Industry analyst firm TDG (The Diffusion Group) Research adds that about two thirds of US adult broadband users now view subscription video-on-demand (SVOD) services on TV sets, with 79% watching on PCs, 46% on tablets  and 59% on smartphones. Viewers of streaming services on TVs tend to be younger than the overall broadband user audience, with 44% under the age of 34.

To help both program distributors and creators address a maturing streaming market, TDG has defined four “mutually exclusive sub-segments of TV subscription streamers”:

Pay-TV Supplementers – They use SVOD to complement their TV viewing, not as a substitute or replacement. They spend most of their time watching live broadcast programming.

Pay-TV Substituters – Averse to traditional pay-TV, they spend about two thirds of their viewing time with SVOD, watching not only on PCs and smartphones, but on TVs as well.

Quantum Viewers – The youngest of the four streaming segments, the “are more likely than other segments to use virtually all types of consumer electronic and computing devices,” but are “no more likely” than other streamers “to be ‘anti-pay-TV.’

Video Luddites – This “laggard segment” spends the least amount of time watching video across different devices, although they “nonetheless consider online video services as their key source of entertainment.”

For more information about TDG’s study, visit A Formal Segmentation of US SVOD Users.

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