Live Baby Hummingbirds

Ever seen baby hummingbirds? Trust us, the screenshot above doesn’t do them justice.

The humming mother flies to and fro to gather nectar for her humming kids — who stretch their nest to reach mom, and then open their tiny beaks to get a drink from her.

The kids wiggle their butts out above the rim of the nest, and then eliminate waste from their bottom ends – all without a “spill” into the interior of the nest.

Want to see for yourself? Check out Mission City TV’s live webcam feed – aka the HumCam – which promises to run from 11 am to 11 pm ET every day “until the little ones fly away forever.” (Start time may vary; be patient!)

The action takes place near Vancouver, BC, where mother Helen has been raising two babies since their birth on May 21. (Sorry, we don’t know the little ones’ names.)

Mission City TV says the observation of hummingbird babies being raised is rare. A Canadian $2 coin, 1.25-inches in diameter, has been placed in the frame so that viewers can see the “tiny” size of the nest and the birds.

You can stream the live hummingbird in highest quality via Face to Face Broadcasting, or in lower resolution on YouTube.

Mission City TV is a community video service in Canada’s British Columbia. For more information, visit

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