Pot Branding Show

Cannabis goes Madison Avenue — kind of.

DNA Genetics, which describes itself as “one of the oldest and most respected genetics and grow experts in the Cannabis industry,” has announced a new branding effort – an online reality series about cannabis growers called Pimp My Grow.

A release date was not announced, although DNA said co-producer PRØHBTD Media will distribute the show across numerous platforms including Amazon, Apple TV, Roku, Android TV, Dailymotion, Metacafé, NowThis, Facebook, and Prohibited Content and Culture.

Throughout the seven-episode series, DNA Genetics, along with hip hop group Cypress Hill’s lead rapper B-Real, will visit cannabis growers around the country, including those who “may be new to the industry, looking to set-up their first personal grow for medical reasons,” as well as those “building out industrial-sized indoor operations.” During their visits, they will “provide product and service support” for each grow including lighting, nutrients, harvesting and storage to help “ensure the highest quality plants and yield.”

Each episode will “showcase each grow operation and the hosts’ expertise in helping each grower with their set-up,” the producers said.

You can learn more at prohbtd.com/pimpmygrow.

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