‘First Man’

(Above: YouTube screenshot of ‘First Man’)

First Man, now available on CuriosityStream, is a 25-million-year journey back along humanity’s family tree.

The 90-minute film follows “one primate tribe with exceptional skills, highlighting the social, cultural and biological constructs that shaped their evolution into modern man.”

Directed by Frédéric Fougea and Jérome Guiot, First Man features “strikingly realistic characters brought to life through prosthetics and makeup based on authentic fossilized skulls and teeth.” The special effects makeup team from The Revenant helped bring the characters in First Man to life.

Among First Man’s surprises: the great apes began walking on two legs much earlier than previously believed; like modern humans, our ape ancestors enjoyed a good belly laugh; and “apes valued relationships and were the first politicians of sorts.”

“There’s something about the origins of man that captivates us all, some intrinsic need to understand who we are and how we got here,” said Steve Burns, chief programming officer for CuriosityStream.

CuriosityStream offers subscription plans starting at $2.99/month. The service can be accessed at CuriosityStream.com and on RokuAmazon Fire TVApple TVGoogle Play and other devices.

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