OTT Brand Weakness

Online viewing is making it difficult for both broadcast and OTT networks to build brand awareness among young millennials, according to a study released by Anatomy, an entertainment marketing company.

Young adults who watch shows primarily on TV sets are typically better at identifying networks with shows than those who watch on desktop and mobile devices. This presents a significant brand recognition challenge for networks, the study says, because 50% of young millennials watch online, with linear viewership declining and online viewership growing year-over-year.

The study assessed awareness of broadcast and OTT network brands across on-air promotion, web, mobile, SEO, Facebook, and digital ads. Netflix scored best, with 65% of respondents matching its programs with the NetFlix brand, compared to 31% for ABC, CBS, and NBC, 20% for Amazon and 15% for Hulu. Facebook engagement strongly correlated with higher brand awareness scores.

“Our study looked at young millennial consumption, discovery and brand recall habits and the impact those behaviors have on a network’s brand whether it be traditional TV or OTT,” said Gabriella Mirabelli, CEO, Anatomy. “We have learned that on-air promotion is still the most effective means of building brand awareness between a broadcast network’s programming and their brand. As for OTT – outside of Netflix – there is also work to be done as their promotional efforts need to be more precise in order to be effective.”

Anatomy surveyed 3,100 young adults (18 to 26-years-old). Download the complete report at The Young and The Brandless.

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