We’ve Got ‘Brains’!

(Pictured above: Bri Castellini, fellow students and zombies in ‘Brains’)

Alison Sumner, the main character in the web series Brains, is a neuropsychology student out to seduce a fellow student while investigating whether or not he’s a zombie. Then someone gets murdered. All the while, Alison’s been quietly vlogging about her crush, about zombies on campus, and, well, about life…and death.

Hey, we didn’t make this stuff up! That task fell to Bri Castellini, the show’s creator, writer and star, who wrapped up two 10-episode seasons last fall (plus 10 additional segments) but continues to expand the Brains universe. Next up, the show’s producers tell The Savvy Screener, will be to release the “documentary” that fictional Alison was filming over the course of those two seasons.

Then, in the fall, the real filmmakers plan to film a “table read” of season three. They’re admittedly cash-strapped, but say that Castellini has written scripts through season six “and we’d happily come together as a cast every couple of months to give the fans the closure they deserve.”

Other Brains extensions have included Apocalypse Yesterday, a four-minute mockumentary following a group of Los Angeles roommates lamenting the fall of society and reflecting on their new routines; and dusk of the dead, a three-parter (some 15 minutes total) about two Welsh siblings reuniting after years of separation due to the plague outbreak.

Each episode of Brains runs between one and eight minutes, so you can binge all 30 episodes of the hybrid romantic comedy/horror/murder-mystery in just a couple of hours. Find it for free at www.brainswebseries.com, on YouTube, or in full-season one-hour bites at Brooklyn on Demand, either online or on Roku.

Here’s season one, episode one:


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