Binge-Watch Wisely!

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Ready to start streaming all 13 hours of the fifth season of Netflix’s House of Cards? Don’t forget to get some rest!

Here are guidelines on how to “binge-watch responsibly,” just issued by The American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM)” :

  • “Set an episode limit each night before you begin watching
  • Take a break between each episode to get out of the ‘auto-play’ loop
  • Download episodes on your smartphone to control how many you watch at once
  • Schedule time on the weekend to catch up on your favorite shows
  • To minimize the alerting effects of brightly lit screens at night, use one of the apps for your computer, tablet and smartphone that filters blue light after sunset
  • Stream videos to your TV instead of your mobile device at night to reduce exposure to brightly lit, handheld screens
  • Avoid using mobile devices while in bed
  • Turn off all screens at least a half-hour before your bedtime.”

“You can stream your favorite shows and movies without sacrificing the sleep you need each night,” declared Dr. Ronald Chervin, president of the AASM, which recommends seven or more hours of sleep each night. “Responsible binge-watching is the way to balance your personal entertainment with your health and well-being.”

The detriments of over-binging and not getting enough sleep? The AASM warns that “school and work performance will suffer as mood and cognitive abilities deteriorate, and the risk of being in a workplace accident or drowsy driving crash will increase due to excessive sleepiness.”

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