Animated ‘Pulp’ Parody

(Pictured above: ‘Fine Dining.’ Screenshot from YouTube)

Pulp Fiction fans have a new parody to sink their teeth into.

Digital Magic Entertainment, a New York-based company that produces web series, documentaries and short and feature films, has released Fine Dining, an animated, 10-minute homage to the Pulp Fiction scene featuring Tim Roth and Amanda Plummer as both love-birds and partners in crime.

Produced, directed and written by Usher Morgan, Fine Dining is “the tale of a tired old vampire, determined to convince his better half to abandon the path of effortless consumption and give in to their long-abandoned animal instincts in a world of blood bank bags, tooth fairies and unimaginative humans.”

According DME, the entire film, which stars Elyse Price, Joel Bernard and Diana Evellino, was painted and processed on a frame-by-frame basis over four months.

Here’s Fine Dining in its entirety:

And the scene that inspired it:

You can stream Pulp Fiction at Fandango Now for $1.99 in SD and $3.99 in HD, as well as on other sites at varying prices.

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