‘Long Strange Trip’

Deadheads: Get ready for a Long Strange Trip.

Amazon Prime subscribers will be able to stream the new four-hour documentary about the Grateful Dead on Friday, June 2, following its theatrical release tomorrow, May 26.

Directed by Amir Bar-Lev and executive produced by Martin Scorsese, Long Strange Trip tracks the band’s 30-year journey from their first gig at a Bay Area pizza parlor “to the ranks of the most enduringly influential musicians of their generation.” The film includes “candid interviews with the band, road crew, family members, and notable Deadheads,” documenting the “the freewheeling psychedelic subculture that sprouted up around it, while providing poignant insight into the psyche of late lead guitarist Jerry Garcia.” It also includes footage from the Grateful Dead’s live performances.

“I’ve always admired the spirit and creativity of the Grateful Dead,” said Scorsese. “They are revolutionary artists who forever changed the world of touring and recording live music. They were a cultural force—a lifestyle, that continue to influence new generations of fans. This film will entertain and educate audiences about one of the most innovative and groundbreaking American bands of the 20th century.”

Here’s a preview:

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