‘Wine Tasting’ Time

(Pictured above: Scene from ‘Wine Tasting’)

Wine Tasting, a drama following the lives of four professional wine tasters “studying” for the sommelier exam, has premiered on Amazon Prime.

If that makes you want to revisit 2004’s Sideways, the comedy/drama hit about two men on a week-long trip through California’s wine country, you can stream it for $2.99 SD/$3.99 HD from iTunes, Google Play and other sites.

Sideways, which won an Oscar for writing and received a best picture nomination, starred Paul Giamatti, Thomas Haden Church and Virginia Madsen (the latter two also nominated for Oscars). Wine Tasting stars Josh Mitchell, Josh Thrower, Jesse O’Neil, Vanja Kapetanovic and Jenae Alt.

For more info on the latter, including when Wine Tasting will be available on other streaming sites, visit the film’s Facebook page.

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