Globe-Trotting Netflix

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Netflix has gone globe-trotting for three upcoming fantasy and sci-fi series.

Poland: The Witcher Saga

The Witcher Saga will be based on a series of fantasy books by Polish writer Andrzej Sapkowski. His eight novels deal with hunters called “witchers” who develop supernatural abilities at a young age to battle deadly monsters. Availability date was not announced.

Sapkowski will be a creative consultant, with Sean Daniel and Jason Brown serving as executive producers. They both have had the same roles for SyFy’s The Expanse (whose first season is now available to Amazon Prime subscribers).

The Sapkowski stories have previously spawned a popular video game as well as being adapted into a Polish movie (2001) and TV series (2002) called The Hexer. For Witcher fans, here’s the first episode of that earlier series:


Australia: Tidelands

Tidelands, a supernatural crime drama, will be filmed in Australia’s Queensland starting in 2018. The Tidelanders are a “group of dangerous half-sirens, half-humans” being investigated by a former criminal who returns home to her small fishing village.

Executive producers Tracey Robertson, Nathan Mayfield and Leigh McGrath also produced the Australian mystery series Secrets & Lies and its US remake on ABC, Secrets and Lies. Tidelands has been created and will be written by Stephen M. Irwin, also involved with both versions of Secrets &/and Lies. Both are available now to Hulu subscribers, but you can see the US version for free on Yahoo View.

Netflix said Tidelands’ first season will consist of 10 50-minute episodes.

France: Osmosis

Osmosis is set in a “near-future” Paris where singles can use a technologically advanced dating app called “Osmosis” to find a perfect match with 100% accuracy. “But is there a price to pay when letting an algorithm decide who you will love?”

Netflix said the series, whose eight episodes will be shot entirely in France starting in 2018, is based on an idea that became an earlier French series in 2015. Here’s a promo for that version:

The Osmosis showrunner is Audrey Fouché, writer for The Returned and Borgia, two French series available to Netflix subscribers.

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