Smashcast Launches

(Pictured above: ‘Star Wars: The Old Republic,’ available on Smashcast)

Streaming platforms Hitbox and Azubu have merged to launch Smashcast, a free esports and competitive gaming video network.

Positioning itself as a “strong #2 competitor” of the social video gamers’ community platform Twitch, Smashcast includes a revised interface and a “Hype-O-Meter,” allowing fans to “cheer for their favorite team during tournaments” while encouraging greater viewer engagement.

The company has also opened “a state-of-the-art 4K-ready content production studio” in Vienna, Austria. The studio will help “ensure that we are differentiated from our competitors not only from our platform and technology excellence, which includes full 4K and 360 VR support, but from the quality of streaming content as well,” said Martin Klimscha, European managing director.

Smashcast estimates there are more than 200 million esports fans.

Smashcast is live at Smashcast.TV and can also be accessed via apps from the iOs App Store and Google Play. All traffic to and  is now being redirected to

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