‘Effing’ Web Series

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Ready for another ‘Effing’ web series?

According to Broadway World, the pilot for a new comedy, F’d (Another Effing Web Series), will debut this Friday, May 12, at fd-anothereffingwebseries.com.

F’d presents four neighbors who live in Apartment F on different floors in the same building, with each discovering that expectations about one’s life “rarely match up with how life actually unfolds.”

Co-created by Carly Otte and Teresa Catherine, the series is based on a scene developed by the two actresses. “I saw an exciting opportunity to tell a small part of the millennial story,” Catherine said. “Millennials sometimes get a bad rap. But it’s our story, our reality. I think these are really relatable characters with really relatable stories.”

Produced in New York City, the series stars Carly Otte as Jenny, Michael Perrie Jr as Ryan, Brian Knoebel as Chris and Teresa Catherine as Kate. The cast also includes Weston Whitworth, Pamela Fila, and Katie Johantgen.

New episodes will be released Fridays at 5:30 pm ET at fd-anothereffingwebseries.com.

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