Asian-Pacific Americans

(Pictured above: scene from ‘The Roots of ‘Ulu’)

World Channel this month is featuring nearly 50 public TV documentaries under the umbrella theme “Our Voices: Asian Pacific Americans. ” The event includes eight premieres, starting tonight, May 8, with Forever, Chinatownthe story of an 81-year-old San Francisco artist who has spent four decades building detailed miniature models of the Chinatown of his youth.

Several of the premieres focus on Asian Pacific Americans searching for their roots, including: half-Japanese filmmaker Matthew Hashiguchi, who grew up in an Irish-Catholic Cleveland neighborhood, in Good Luck Soup (tomorrow, May 9); retired NBC executive Paula Williams Madison and her brothers, who were raised in Harlem by their Chinese Jamaican mother, in Finding Samuel Lowe (Sunday, May 14); and an Indian American orphan in Unbroken Glass (Tuesday, May 16).

On the other hand, The Roots of ‘Ulu (Monday, May 15) doesn’t look at human roots but at the ‘ulu (breadfruit) tree — from its Polynesian beginnings to its role in present-day Hawaii.

The remaining premieres are: One Child (Sunday, May 21), about the aftermath for parents who lost their only children in China’s Sichuan earthquake; Breathin’ – The Eddy Zheng Story (Tuesday, May 23), a story of imprisonment and redemption: and Out Run (Sunday, May 28), about a transgender woman running for the Philippine Congress.

To find your local World Channel over-the-air station, go to and click on the “Set Station” tab. For local broadcast times of each show, consult World Channel’s schedule page.

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