Robin Leads Heroes

An upcoming and unnamed DC Comics-focused streaming service, announced yesterday, looks like it’s zeroing in on the teenage audience. Or is it just a coincidence that its first two identified series are both about groups of superheroes from that very demographic?

One show will be the live-action Titans, based on the long-running Teen Titans comic book franchise. The other: the third season of the animated Young Justice, also about teen superheroes. The first two seasons of Young Justice ran on Cartoon Network from 2010 to 1013.

In the past, the same characters have often been members of both the Young Justice and Teen Titans teams. Not many details have been provided yet about the two new series, which will debut along with the new streaming service in 2018, but we do know that Dick Grayson (Batman’s “Robin”) will lead the Titans heroes, who will include Starfire and Raven.

Speaking of Robin, readers of this article should know about Batman & Bill, a 90-minute documentary premiering Saturday, May 6, on Hulu. The premise: a writer named Bill Finger actually co-created Batman and associated characters, not solely the long-credited Bob Kane.

Visit Hulu to watch Batman & Bill or to subscribe. Visit to receive updates about the upcoming DC streaming service.

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