Viral Kids Get Animated

Those frolicsome kids who famously interrupted their father’s BBC interview last month now have their own cartoon. Real-life Marion and James have become Mina and Jack, and professor Robert Kelly is now a UN official, but the kids still steal the show. After all, the cartoon is named after them.

One episode of The Adventures of Mina & Jack has been produced so far. It takes place in North Africa, where the kids “sneak out of their hotel, hitch a ride on an elephant, and wind up in a bustling African market, only to tumble into a nearby UN press conference and inadvertently save the day.”

One week since its posting on YouTube, Mina & Jack had some 46,000 views as of this morning. That’s a far cry from the original BBC video’s 23.7 million views in over six weeks. But the cartoon’s two Brooklyn-based creators have Kelly’s backing for their project. “I thought it was so cute. My wife and I both laughed. They made me look suitably dorky,” said Robert Kelly.

Compare for yourself. If you’ve somehow missed it, or wouldn’t mind seeing it yet again, here’s the viral classic:

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