Twitch in the ‘Cosmos’

Social video platform Twitch is running all 13 episodes of the classic PBS science series Cosmos, starting today, April 24, at 3 pm ET, and continuing tomorrow at the same time. The shows will be repeated Thursday and Friday starting at 5 pm ET.

Twitch will follow the Friday marathon with a live Q&A with Ann Druyan, who co-created and co-wrote Cosmos with astronomer Carl Sagan, her late husband and series host.

For both the Cosmos streams and the Q&A, visit

Originally broadcast in 1980 and formally titled Cosmos: A Personal Voyage, the series covers such scientific subjects as the origin of life and humanity’s place in the universe. Praised for its use of special visual effects and music integration, the series won three technical Emmy Awards.

Twitch users have been invited to co-stream the show while adding their own commentaries or engaging in community chats. For example, you can join Fraser Cain, publisher of Universe Today and co-host of the Astronomy Cast podcast, with guest commentators at

Cain will also be part of a Twitch “Science Week” roundtable this Thursday, April 26, at 4 pm. Available at, the panel will also include Matthew Buffington, director of public affairs at NASA’s Ames Research Center; Ariane Cornell, head of astronaut strategy and sales at Blue Origin; and Twitch gaming personality EJ_SA.

Twitch has also scheduled a 4 pm Tuesday interview with Scott Manley, astronomer and sci-fi gamer, and another roundtable for Wednesday at 4 pm. This one will include  Phil Plait, astronomer and blogger at Bad Astronomy; Pamela Gay, astronomer and principal investigator at CosmoQuest; and Kishore Hari, director of the Bay Area Science Festival and one of the organizers of this past weekend’s March for Science. These two shows will also be at


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