Sitcoms for Tax Day

(Pictured above: Screengrab from “The Ides of April” on “The Odd Couple”)

To help get through Tax Day, The Savvy Screener has put together a binge of classic sitcom episodes relating to the IRS (a shout out to Newsday’s recommendations from a year ago for helping out tremendously).

We’ll start with Archie Bunker getting audited on the “Archie’s Fraud” episode of All in the Family:

Next, The Honeymooners’ Ralph Kramden gets summoned to the IRS in “The Worry Wart,” and Gracie Allen meets “The Income Tax Man” on The Burns and Allen Show:

Finally, two incredibly organized people — Mary Richards and Felix Unger — are surprised when they need to deal with the IRS. You can stream the “1040 or Fight” episode of The Mary Tyler Moore Show free at Yahoo View, and “The Ides of April” episode of The Odd Couple free at Here’s a clip from the latter:

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