Canna-Com Is Coming

More than a decade since Weeds began its eight-season run on Showtime, the pot industry has changed a bit. So maybe it’s time for another pot-centric sitcom – namely East Coast Grow, premiering Saturday, April 22, on its own website.

Whereas the main character of Weeds was a west coast mom engaged in illegal activity, East Coast Grow focuses on industry professionals in Washington, DC, which has legalized recreational cannabis use.

‘East Coast Grow’ trailer:

“This is an incredible opportunity to show what happens when an underground industry suddenly becomes legitimized, and to explore the real-life challenges that go on behind the scenes in the cannabis industry,” explained writer/director Amy Tasillo.

The number of half-hour episodes in East Coast Grow‘s first season was not revealed in the series’ press release, but they are promised weekly through May. You can start watching April 22 on

You can also stream all 102 episodes of Weeds on Netflix or Showtime Now.

Original ‘Weeds’ trailer:

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